Does Jason Witten still have it?

Does Jason Witten still have it?

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Does Jason Witten still have it?

Jason Witten, the amazing football player for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football league. He started his career in 2007 as a tight end player for the Dallas Cowboys and maintained the same position for 15 years now. Since playing in the field for almost 15 years Witten made up his mind to retire and enroll himself for the ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” as an analyst. He announced his retirement from the game for good on May 3, 2018.

Why sudden comeback?

As Jason decided to quit the sports for good and was looking forward to his career as an analyst, so why this sudden comeback? Well, there are many theories regarding the Witten’s retirement but the most plausible one seems to be the 16th Champion season coming up and Jason Witten wants his team the Dallas Cowboys to win the championship.

According to an interview Witten has said that the main reason for which he is returning to the Cowboys is that he is not finished with the game. He still has that flame blazing through his body which wants him to continue his course to accomplish even more wins and victories for Dallas Cowboys his beautiful home, says the Jason Witten.

On the overall Jason Witten ranks 4th all-time in the NFL career receptions behind the wall of fame. Witten also announced during his interview when he was making his return to the Dallas that team has a great group of rising stars and aspiring players and that he wants to be back on the team to make sure that they develop the right characteristics as teammates that play their role for the greater good.

Does he still got it?

Well, this is the question everybody has been asking that after making up his mind for retirement, now he is all ready to be back on the team why? To assure you; it has nothing to do with the performance of Jason Witten, he is still got it. Last year the departure of Jason Witten left a void in the Dallas Cowboys especially in their tight end position because no one could tackle or assess the situation of the game for Dallas Cowboys the way Witten did.

Jason Garret the member of the Dallas Cowboy added to the development of this situation that Yes, he should come back because he is still got it. His urge to play and being a part of something much greater and love for the Dallas Cowboys have convinced Jason Witten to come back from his retirement and once again lead the Dallas Cowboys in victory this 16th season.

The comeback of the Jason Witten shall prove to be the amazing victory for the Dallas Cowboys given this year’s pro bowl season. Sources tell that Jason Witten is more than happy to earn his spot back from the retirement and working seriously hard after the disappearance of a whole year from the Dallas Cowboys. This season is going to be exciting not only for Dallas Cowboys but also for the entire National Football League.    

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