Fastest moving balls in the history of the sport

Fastest moving balls in the history of the sport

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Fastest moving balls in the history of the sport

We all love sports and just about everything about it, team spirit, coordination, hard work but one thing that we love the most about it is the passion to take on challenges. Challenges are what makes the fun rolling in any sport. So, today we are going to list the fastest sports more precisely the fastest moving balls in the entire history of the sports in the world.

Without further ado let us dive right into it;

1. Badminton—493 km/h

Who would have thought that a badminton birdie could have broken all the speed channels like this? But it did and it happened in 2013 during the testing of a new racket technology in Malaysia. Tan Boon Heong smashed the shuttle with his full might and scored a world record with a 493 km/h.

2. Golf—339.6 km/h

While some of you might think about Golf as the lazy man’s game but it has got a fun side associated with it. The record for the fastest drive in all of the golf came about in 2013 by an American Golf player Ryan Winther in the orange county national driving range in the Orlando.

Fastest moving balls in the history of the sport

3. Jai Alai—302 km/h

Some of you might not be familiar with the Jai Alai sports but it is considered to be the most lethal sport in all of the world. The ball that it uses is quarters the size of a baseball and is even harder than the golf ball. As the Guinness World Record suggests that the ball in this particular sport can be tossed at a speed of the 300 km/h. And it is thus considered to be the fastest moving ball sports in the world.

4. Squash—281.6 km/h

The squash is usually played using a hollow rubber ball and while the whole sport is constructed to be played inside a playing room any player good at the sport can strike it to upheaving speeds. The Australian player Cameron Pilley has been struggling to break his own squash record and his second effort he did it with a speed of 281.6 km/h.

5. Soccer—210.8 km/h

Soccer is an uplifting sport with tons of amazing players playing the game, with the spirits sky high players can put a lot of power in their describing shots. This is exactly what happened in 2006 when Ronny Heberson scored a perfect shot with the ball at a speed of 210.8 km/h.

6. Baseball—174 km/h

Baseball is the most common sport especially played in America, Canada, Australia, and other similar countries. But the fastest record as in object in sports the ball was thrown at a speed of 174 km/h by the Nolan Ryan fastball.

7. Cricket—161.3 km/h

Well, cricket is the most entertained sport around the world even if its popularity is lacking in North America. The fastest a bowler can reach depends upon the initial speed, the strength as well as the technique of the bowler. The fastest a cricket ball has ever reached was at a speed of 161.3 km/h and this was during a World Cup match in which Pakistan’s Shoaib Akhtar threw the bowl with such amazing speed.                 

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