King Titus: When your smoke is your art

King Titus: When your smoke is your art

420 ? 2 years ago

Lots of people start vaping to get away from cigarettes. And that's cool. But how many people vape like this? ???

Seriously, how do you even do that? Titus Edwards' vape game sets the bar SO HIGH.

It's like watching actual magic. No special effects necessary.

He's definitely got some mad editing skills, too. 

In this video, Titus talks about how mastering vaping skills and putting out these videos really raised his confidence and made him a stronger person. For real. If you aren't doing what you love, what's the point? Now Edwards is making mad bank, running a business, getting himself known on the Discovery Channel...and it's all happening because of his vaping skills.

Keep dreaming big. Let those skills and that love take you on a journey. Be fearless. Maybe you'll find other skills you didn't even know you had, and you'll be a Man to Mention in the future.

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