Tahnee Udero Representing


Tahnee Udero, a beautiful Chicana ganjapreneur from New Mexico...

"I know so many women who smoke weed, and I wanted to be an advocate and create a space for us. Weed is something we create a community around, and I wanted to take that to a larger scale,” the 35-year-old part-time DJ, part-time zine publisher told Latina. “We need to represent, because we are not the stereotypes that are out there of us. We need to be visible if we are going to erase the stigma.”

Marijuana legalization is a racial justice issue. At a time when states are legalizing and decriminalizing weed, reports show that arrests in some states that still have prohibition are increasing – and people of color are the most likely to end up imprisoned, despite their rates of drug use and selling being comparable to whites.

Increasingly women of color, experience discrimination in all stages of the judicial system, with black and brown bodies most likely to be stopped, searched, arrested, convicted and harshly sentenced, leading to lifelong criminal records that bar them from jobs, housing and financial aid for schooling. 

Tahnee Udero Representing

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