Running from Fire


Devastating #wildfires can move at speeds that your mind can't compute. When the order (or #survival urge) to evacuate moves you, you're gone. That is, if you're mobile, and you're portable. But what if you've got kids -- specifically #furkids and for some of us, that's #furbabies.

1. You Leave Them Behind Somewhere Safe

That's really hard to do. Save yourself but not your family member who wears fur or feathers, or scales, etc. Not know if they will be there when you come back... Some angels stepped up and took care of unlucky pets who had to be left behind.

2. You Leave Them Behind During Your Evac, But You Have No Choice

You chose to take them with you, but circumstances changed during your attempt to get out of the #fire #nightmare. One woman explained how she had to be #rescued from her own escape out of the fire when travel became impossible by car. Unfortunately, the cat couldn't ride the rescue motorcycle.

"A guy came up on the side in his motorcycle, and I grabbed the cat and jumped on his bike, and he said, 'No, you can't take the cat,'" McLeod said. "So I threw my cat back in the jeep in its kennel and the window was already down and we fled on the motorcycle, basically through the woods and got out."

"I should've just let him run free," she said. "The fire was coming up on us so quickly that I could only think of survival for myself."  From: 'No, You Can’t Take the Cat’: People Are Rescuing Pets Stranded By Alberta's Wildfire, By Tamara Khandaker)

3. You Find a Way to Fly Them Out With You

If you're really lucky, you find one of the few airlines with a heart who allow you to take your pets into the main cabin. How cool is that?

Here's a story on those cool assed airlines -- props guys!!!

4. You Do Everything You Can to Find Them Once You Return

Well, the woman who had to take the motorcycle rescue out of the fire did find her cat -- safe!! -- so that's a relief. What about other pet owners? Well the mass rescue efforts by volunteers was stopped by authorities for a while due to fears of criminal activity (e.g., looters).

Slowly, folks are being reunited with their pets, but for some unfortunate pet owners, the reunion won't be pleasant.