New brows 2016

New brows 2016

The time of dark brows is officially over. Now everywhere we see full, God-given brows.

Here are some tips on creating this virgin brow look.

1. Do not tweeze your brows.

2. Use brow serums to grow them back.

3. Make up artist Pecheux recommends drawing tiny lines upward using contour powder. “You’re creating little hairs, basically. Contour powder gives just the right depth for what we call a virgin brow—not necessarily perfect, but natural, casual, like they haven’t been plucked too much.”

4. Combine brow products in different shades in order to add more depth to your brows.

5. Use eyebrow gel. It makes you brow look thicker and fix them in a right direction.

6. Comb them regularly.