Living a Life of Everyday Spirituality


My conversation with author and spiritual teacher, Celine Koropchak continues...

Living a Life of Everyday Spirituality

"One With All of Thee" cover art by Jennifer Dopazo

DEBORAH: As someone who is tapped into more than one level of existence on this planet, how do you integrate the different levels of awareness and responsibility that fill each of your days? That is, how do you reconcile the implications of a broader, some might say more universal perspective with the practical needs of a blueberry farm and the growing complications of being a good planetary citizen?

CELINE: Everyday life can be tough. Even for those of us who have a broader sense of the nature of existence. But knowing that I am a part of something much larger than myself helps me to keep things in perspective.

I am reminded of this every day as a farmer. It’s not about me or my timeline. I have to wait for Mother Nature and work with the ebb and flow of her rhythms. And this helps me in life because I have learned that I cannot push certain situations. I have to wait for everything to fall into place before I can take action. Otherwise I am just spinning my wheels, wasting my energy.

I feel that one of my responsibilities in this life is to keep a positive attitude, to keep my vibrational energies high to help counter-balance the negativity out in the world. And there are many people like me who are also doing this.

As far as the growing complications of being a good planetary citizen, I’m not sure I agree with that statement. I think it’s quite simple really. Be of love, come from love, act in love. Treat all things, all people with respect and gratitude.

I have faith that the Universe is unfolding exactly as it should. I know there are forces at work much larger than myself and they are not in my control. I understand that my human perspective is too limiting to see the entire picture of what is occurring across the continuum. And so I cannot judge what is happening; whether it appears good or bad from the human perspective.

My personal guidelines are simple: love, faith, non-judgment and gratitude. And I will admit that although the guidelines are simple, following them can be more of a challenge.

DEBORAH: How do you deal with all of the bad news in the world?

CELINE: I try to live my life with compassionate detachment. I try not to get caught up in the emotion, the drama of the news. It’s not always easy for me because I am so sensitive and feel things so deeply. So often, I’ll just turn off the news and take a break from it.

A friend recently made the observation that fear can be an adrenaline rush, just like falling in love. I’d never thought of it that way, but that comment so resonated with me. It is so easy to begin to feed off the ‘high’ so to speak, that fear gives you.

The goal for me is to not allow fear to creep in and take hold in my life. This is something I see happening to so many people today. They cannot stop watching/listening for more news updates. They want to be sure they are up-to-date with everything out there that they need to fear. It’s so easy to fall into this pattern.

Instead, I would suggest they take a break from it while sending out love and compassion into the world. I’m not saying you should be completely unaware of what is happening. I am suggesting that you not completely immerse yourself in the negativity that is now being broadcast worldwide.

DEBORAH: Where do you turn for solace and support?

CELINE: I’m so very lucky to be able to live out in the country. I work on my land daily and get much joy and peace from just being there. I love feeling the sun on my face, hearing the birds singing, the wind whistling and the beautiful sound of silence.

One thing I have learned from nature is that life goes on no matter what. The sun still rises at dawn and sets at dusk. And nature seems to accept the harshness of life with much stoicism. The cycle of life continues, regardless of any setbacks. I try to remember this when life seems so overwhelming. I look to nature as my teacher, for are we all not a part of it?

I also surround myself with dear friends who see the world as I do and who help me to keep my energy up when it starts to sag due to life events. Being in the presence of people who have a more balanced, positive outlook on life is refreshing. Especially at a time when there is so much chaos and fear in the world.

And of course, I meditate daily, spending quiet time with my ‘Dear Ones’ who are with me always. I can feel the stress dropping away as the divine love descends upon me during these quiet moments of connection with the Divine.