Managing the Larger Forces Around Us


Author and spiritual teacher, Celine Koropchak lives a life that encompasses the earthly concerns of farming as well as the intangibility of a unique spiritual connection... 

DEBORAH: I know that you regularly receive communications from places that most of us do not. Are you seeing tangible evidence in your personal life or in the world around you of knowledge that you are being given?

CELINE: First of all, it’s not that I am receiving communications that others do not or cannot receive. Everyone has the capability to receive messages and they do. The difference is that I am more aware of these connections and am more receptive to allowing them to come through.

Our lives, the world we see are the result of our own perceptions. I can see the glass half empty or half full. It is my choice. And I choose full...up to the brim!! If I wake up with gratitude for a wonderful day ahead, that is what I will have. I just wish that more people would realize the power that they have to change their own worlds.

There are many people in the world quietly doing their work to raise awareness, to raise the vibrations of this planet and beyond, to create a more loving atmosphere. I meet them all the time. What we forget is that for every sensationalized story on page one there are 10 stories of kindness and compassion buried in the back pages. There is much good in this world. Look past the rhetoric into the quiet corners and you will find it.

Many of the messages that I receive call for us to have faith in the power of love. It is much more powerful than fear. I don’t ask for specifics because things are seen much differently in the other realms of existence. And I think attempting an interpretation could lead to more confusion than we already have.

But one message I have received that I would share is that we have turned a corner and we will make it. This is because we have reached a critical mass of people doing their own work to help the world, through prayer and meditation. The reason we are seeing so many dark forces right now is because the light we are creating is shining on that darkness. It is bringing it out of the shadows into the light allowing us to better focus our attention on the darkness with our prayers and love.

DEBORAH: What are some practical tips that you think would be helpful for anyone who feels aware of forces larger than what can easily be observed or explained?

CELINE: First I would tell them that they are not crazy. There are many energetic changes going on throughout the Universe that are making it possible for more people to awaken to who they really are. We were created in love. We are beings of love. But of course, human emotion and free will are also present. We have been given the gift of experiencing life in its fullness and some choose fear over love.

I would encourage them to seek out like-minded people with whom they can discuss these experiences. There are many groups out there and they will find that they are not alone in having these experiences.

But I would also caution them not to give away their power to any teacher they may encounter. Question everything and if it doesn’t feel right, then don’t accept it as truth just because it came from that teacher. I tell my own students this. If what I say doesn’t sound right to you, then question me or don’t accept it as your truth.

We need to remember that as we move forward on our personal journeys, truth will be revealed to us in a way we will understand it. The ancient truths never change. But just as we tell a child only as much as she is able to comprehend, so too, it is how truth is revealed to us as we continue on our spiritual journeys. The further we go on our path, more deeper truths will be revealed to us. We each have our own personal gifts to use for the betterment of the world, and the road to discovering them can be wondrous and challenging at the same time.

I encourage everyone to surround themselves with love, to ask for help and accept the loving embrace of the Divine. We always have help, but we do need to ask for it because we have free will. Change begins with each and every one of us and if you can find the courage, the faith to move forward in love, what you experience will be more wondrous than you ever imagined.

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