What does slavery have to do with math class?

It's 2017, and we are STILL dealing with this sh*t. As a historian, of course I have researched that awful period of American history. As a teacher, it's my job to educate my students about slavery from an honest perspective. That CAN and should be done in history class. Should the math department want to weigh in on history, which they have a right to do, is it too much to ask that they A) show some sensitivity and B) historical accuracy? Take a look at this math problem given to second graders of a predominantly black elementary school in California:


Can we all collectively just go WTF???!!!??? Please? As a nation, I know a lot of crap is going down right now. Yes, we need to focus on stuff at hand. But I'm sorry, this is unforgivable. The mother in me, the woman in me, the human in me just can't stop shaking, and I'm not even black! My black friends, friends of color.... how must they feel?


Monique Judge's twitter feed carries a must-read perspective insinuating she believes it was put there on purpose. I think she was right, as I really doubt that someone would be so naive and dumb as to put a problem like this out there innocently. No. It was most likely intentional.

If we as a a society blow this off while these kids are in second grade, we just pave the way for normalization of racism throughout their school experience.

Way to go, girls from this AZ high school. Shameful.

Remember that white police officer assaulting a black female student in class and caught on camera?


It doesn't go away, and we as a society enable this torture by staying silent. So what can we do? First of all, raise your voice to the teacher, principal, school board, and superintendent. Support Black Lives Matter. Just do it. Use your voice!

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