15:08, May 7th

Wilbur Burnaby is a very evil man Born into a Poor family he was always bullied as a Child and Beaten by his Father He was introduced to the Occult by an only friend in high school and it went downhill from there late one night after an argument Wilbur called out to a demonic force he wanted to get back at everyone who had hurt him but the demon told Wilbur he had to kill someone before he would even be a member so one night his father was working late at the factory and Wilbur tossed his dad into the chocolate mixer soon taking over his fathers legacy as a candy maker his mother had died giving birth to him and his dad Sherman was always keen to put the blame on him now after Sherman's death Wilbur dreamed of one day finding those bullies who picked on him everyday of the school year and make them His Slaves He would later change his name to willy wonka and bought a New chocolate factory which would soon leave him nearly broke after multiple years had passed he would later track down the bullies from school and their dim witted children using a mystical ball he had bought from a dusty shop to find them as he would hatch a plot to kill their children and make the bullies His slaves after awhile wonka would find out that he had received cancer and he would step up producing his plan ahead of schedule so as his legacy is not lost he would stalk the 5 bullies children knowing where they went and where they lived and soon made tickets to play a game on the world to keep them distracted disguising himself as an old man named slug worth afterwards he would go on to get plastic surgery to hide his appearance from the cancer and to not get the bullies to remember him he had to then hope that one of the children would obey him so he could take over their body so as he can live on however Wonka didn't know Charlie's father had left his mother awhile back and had become quite surprised to have seen an elderly man take his worst enemy's place which would later be the reason why charlie got the ticket last because wonka hated his father with a passion and wanted to actually kill him Charlie's dad but the plan was a bit ruined but continued on anyway figuring once he got Charlie's body he would get him eventually little did he know that charlie may have been a Good boy and always listened to authority but he was also quite smart too and when Charlie would later discover Wonka's hidden secret he would refuse to listen to him this made Wonka upset and Wonka's bought about phase 2 in his plan to swallow charlie whole with molten hot chocolate pudding after grandpa Joe sacrifices himself for charlie and Charlie stumbles upon the Four Children who had been taken by wonka Charlie manages to stop 3 of the machines except for one when an unknown man arrives with a gas mask he manages to save veruca from an awful death the children and the man all meet up and wonka soon shows up and the masked man is revealed to be Charlie's Father, wonka threatens to crush them with giant robot machinery however Charlie's father electrocutes the machine carrying Wonka's weak body as wonka regains control of the machine The support holding up the Bridge gives way due to the machines weight causing it to collapse and wonka and the machine fall into the mixer ultimately destroying him however due to this the pressure begins building up in the factory and the place is about to explode as they look for a way out from the booby trapped factory charlie spots a flying elevator which they all squeeze in and rides it out as they make there escape in the glass elevator they witness the destruction of Wonka's factory as it explodes and ignites the sky with falling pieces of candy all the children are reunited with there parents once they finally land and charlie and his dad head home With Charlie's father back with the family again he explains why he mysteriously had left as he had stumbled upon Wonka's plot and wanted to try and stop it afterwards charlie his mom and dad all go to mourn the loss of Grandpa Joe charlie looks into his pocket and places down the golden ticket onto grandpa joes tombstone as they leave the ticket fly's off the grave from the wind.

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