Best comedic moment involving a 14 year old's dying wish

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Russell Howard, best known for his stand up comedy, had this incredibly funny and moving true story to tell that he shared at the end of one of his performances.

He starts by describing a young man, a fourteen year old named Deryn, that he met who was dying of cancer. 

He goes on to describe how their relationship develops, and what Deryn's final wish from Russell is to be, at Deryn's funeral.

Russell isn't sure how to take it.

Is the kid serious? The kid apparently has a well-developed sense of humor.

So he introduces the costume the young man claims he wants Russell to wear to his funeral...

A huge, throbbing, giant, pink penis...yes, a big DICK.

Russell describes his make-believe drive to the cemetery...

Well, this is one comedic performance you really DO want to hear and watch -- all the way until the end. Trust me, it's not pornographic, or super gross but it is hilariously silly in the best way. In fact, it's also very heartwarming and up-lifting. You'll be smiling and cheering at the end. And believe me, you'll be enjoying Russell's brand of humor the whole time too. 

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