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Black-ishI remember when this show was just ANNOUNCED, hadn’t premiered yet and black folk lost their MINDS. “It’s racist,” they said. “We should boycott it,” they said. Then, the first episode aired. There was a collective “This was funny as hell and this show is my JAM”.

100% accurate.I think what I adore most about Black-ish is that it's not afraid to shy away from topics that are uncomfortable.  They've touched on every topic to hella funny to super serious, like race and police brutality.  No one gets a pass, but also it's written in a way that EVERYONE can enjoy it.  I have many white friends who love the show as much as I do.Everything about Blackish is relatable to my friend circle. The Johnson Family is upper middle class, family of 6. Dre’ (Dad) is determined to make sure that he doesn’t forget where he came from, even though they’ve “made it” in every sense of Black ideology. Not only does he not want to forget, he wants to make sure his 4 children realize the struggle and don’t get caught up in the comfort of suburbia.

All of the characters are well developed, but my favorite 3 are easily:Bow (Rainbow); played effortlessly by Tracee Ellis Ross. Bow had a completely different upbringing than Dre, her parents were hippies (hence the name Rainbow), and the fact that she's biracial is brought up A LOT. Her unconventional upbringing adds a fun dynamic to the show, because most of the experiences Dre had, Bow cannot relate to.  Also, she's a Doctor.

Ruby; played by the “Mama” of all Black movies- THE Jenifer Lewis. This woman is everything. She is hilarious and everyone has a family member that she embodies. Ruby is Dre’s Mom and gives Bow the business damn near every episode. She’s a strong black woman with a side of petty to her Daughter in Law, Bow.

Diane; played by Marsai Martin. I’ve never known a little girl to have better comedic timing or play a character as intricate, conniving, intelligent and hilarious as Diane- but Marsai nails it. Diane will have you checking yourself and is a worthy opponent in any meeting of the minds. You can’t trust her, but as a viewer…you can’t help but love her.

It comes on at during the time slot of another one of my favorites, Empire, on Wednesdays at 9:30pm EST. Whether you watch it live or DVR it, just make sure you're doing one or the other. It was renewed for it's 3rd Season (THANK GAWD)!  The Season 2 Finale airs this week and pays homage to Good Times. 

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