Coming May 30: #HouseofCards5 mimics U.S. politics

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On May 30, 2017, House of Cards returns to Netflix. And, aptly so on Memorial Day. Though it's the fifth season of the popular show that made history by being one of the first original Netflix series to really take off, it's the first season since Donald Trump was elected President. As fans everywhere look to Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright and the rest of the House of Cards cast to keep them on the edge of their seats, there are many questions to be answered.

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Perhaps Americans like to see TV shows and movies about the demise and ugly side of American democracy essentially because they want to understand the system and look for insights into how to change it for the better. Or, in the case of House of Cards, maybe they just want to see Spacey act. Kevin surely has Frank's character down to the last raise of an eyebrow.

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While many Americans don't believe that a presidential administration (or the individuals in it) would kill to get ahead or to save their ass, many suspect that it could be the case. They see it on TV and then when a death occurs, like Andrew Breitbart's for example, they wonder, usually not saying anything out loud lest they be deemed a conspiracy theorist. It will be interesting to see who the targets for elimination will be in Season 5. House of Cards rumors say it could be some of their own. A source90characters we love91

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In pop culture, the question is often asked, does the media (and our entertainment options) reflect society, or is it the other way around? I think a little of both. But, that begs the question: who is being reflected, and by whom? With the Fake News phenomenon, it has become surreal because the people never even know if the object being reflected is real itself. On Season 4 of House of Cards many current news stories were explored on the small screen, including a brokered convention, a woman running for POTUS, a KKK controversy and the use of social media. I suspect that new parallels will be drawn in Season 5.


More than anything, as we watch Season 5, we'll wonder if Frank can get by with everything he does without consequences, or whether the situation will unravel itself and people will rise to the occasion to restore trust back to American democracy. #HouseofCards5

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