Find us on the Internet, Gosling, we're waiting for you

Find us on the Internet, Gosling, we're waiting for you

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Move over, TitanicLa La Land is here. This film has earned a historic 14 Oscar nominations– tying it with James Cameron’s classic. Of course, what else would you expect? The world finally got to see their favorite heartthrob, Ryan Gosling, singing and dancing. That’s worth every nomination under the sun.

Image via Manny the Movie Guy

In the film, Gosling plays a struggling jazz pianist who wants to open his own club. And amazingly, it’s not a body double who tickles the keys throughout the movie. It’s Gosling himself... who learned how to play the piano in only three months. 

Image via Vogue

Of course, this musical mastery only made the Internet love him more:

Check out this impressive behind the scenes clip of Gosling jamming out. Warning: you might pass out from swooning so hard:

The camera guy’s timing is pretty impressive, too.

Just saying, Gosling definitely deserves the ‘Best Actor’ award that he was nominated for. He’s a quadruple threat: singing, dancing, acting, and piano. In fact, his smile should count as a skill in itself.

But really, we all just want to be Emma Stone in this moment:

Sigh. Find us on the Internet, Gosling. We’re waiting for you.

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