Go behind the scenes ? on the final season of 'Orphan Black'!

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Clone Club members, hold on tight. The final season of our beloved show starring the singularly talented Emmy-winning Tatiana Maslany is in production in Toronto right now. Don't cry!

John Fawcett and the rest of the crew are giving Clone Club special access via Facebook Live! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!

Don't worry; no spoilers if you're caught up through the end of S4.

If you're guessing that we're in the woods with Helena, you're right.

What's particularly fascinating here is seeing the crew behind-the-scenes, working on set. Unless you've worked producing something before, we tend to think about individuals (actors, makeup artists, effects people, etc.) rather than thinking about everyone as a team. And really, it's all about teamwork.

If you start from the beginning of this video, there's a slow walk around Helena's camp. Want to just see some rehearsal footage? Skip ahead to 7:45 or so. Either way, enjoy!

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