Go behind the scenes w/Showtime's 'Twin Peaks'☕☕??

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--Dale Cooper

When we heard that David Lynch and Mark Frost were getting back together to do a new Twin Peaks series on Showtime, we were excited. And also scared. But, to borrow from another cult favorite TV series, we really wanted to believe. 

And mostly, we do. 

Let's be honest, here. To be the show that fans wanted, the Twin Peaks creative team really needed to be free of network TV constraints. It's been well-documented that many and various problems with ABC interference arose with the original run of the show. 

Even fans freely offer the opinion that's why Season Two wasn't as strong as Season One. (Fans of TV in general who love investigating behind-the-scenes lore on their favorite shows have seen other horror stories with regard to most networks, as well.)

And we know that sometimes beloved things that come back YEARS after the fact don't end up being amazing (Zoolander 2, anyone?). But Twin Peaks has a special place in our hearts, and it's not just any show. The Lynch/Frost collaboration isn't just any creative team, either.

Let them take you behind the scenes to get you hyped for the 2017 Showtime release here:

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