Hayley Atwell is '100% down' for more Agent Carter

Hayley Atwell is '100% down' for more Agent Carter

Over the long weekend, Hayley Atwell made an appearance at the MegaCon convention in Florida. At a panel, she set the hearts of Agent Carter fans around the globe alight when she gave this interview.

(Caution: This fanvid is a bit shaky, but the audio is crystal clear and well worth hearing.)

If you, like us, are just waiting for someone to pull our dearly beloved Peggy off that slippery cancellation ledge, having Atwell so committed to this character is definitely a step in the right direction. She's said publicly that she'll do whatever it takes.

She's even willing to shoot on weekends, around her schedule for Conviction. Now that's commitment!

As if that wasn't enough good news, Dominic Cooper (Howard Stark) spoke to the Evening Standard9192type93text94contents95I think they96s on that network or another

We're not picky. Agent Carter could have a standalone movie to tie up that Season Two cliffhanger and give us a bit of closure. It doesn't have to be a TV show. A period-appropriate radio show-like podcast would also work, and would be a lot easier and less resource-intensive to produce. 

This is certainly good news, but until an official announcement is made about Peggy's revival, we'll just have to live in hope.

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