Hot underrated nerd alert in Netflix's The OA

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He's broody and he's smart. He lies low. He scores perfect grades, takes care of his shitty mom and rowdy little brothers, and still has time to play lacrosse and dabble in alternate realities. When life gets too much, he sniffs coke right off the kitchen counter where his brothers were just eating cereal. 


French likes to study while rocking a polo T and piercing gaze.

French Fry ?

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Played by up-and-coming Brandon Perea, French has quietly caught the hearts of OA fans. 

Did you know that 21-year-old Perea is also a freakin talented roller-skates breakdancer? 

He can breakdance in a suit, too!

And he's also down-to-earth.

Mm-hmm, that's me.

Here's French's signature heartbreaking I-am-torn-with-a-moral-dilemma face. The face that makes a girl wanna offer a listening ear and a shoulder (heyyyyy boy). But we know our French will always end up playing for the right team. He just needs some soul-searching.

Perea's Insta page is full of smouldering stares and inspirational messages. Just the kind that will brighten up anyone's crappy day.

Strive towards your dreams in 2017 ?

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Don't walk away from us, French!  ❤️ ❤️ ?

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