Oscar Watch Party: The shadiest reactions

Oscar Watch Party: The shadiest reactions

CouchPotato ? 2 years ago

Most people tune into the Academy Awards to see which movies win big and what the Hollywood celebrities are wearing. Those people are not me.  I watch for meme worthy moments.  The 89th Academy Awards gave us plenty of those moments. And by plenty, I mean Halle Berry's wig.

It did not stop there.

When there are Crying Jordan's on your head, just accept the L.

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Moving right along! Here's a rare photo of me during the show.

Okay, not really.  But prior to the the Oscars airing, I was sure that La La Land was going to walk away the most decorated film of the night.  America loves celebrating mediocrity and whatever is just the okayest in the world.

Case in point... Casey Affleck beating out Denzel Washington.

It seems like the more dirt you can get away with, the higher a pedestal you get.  I was Brie Larson in this moment:

We know.  We do too, Casey.

And then there was the MOMENT.  Deserving of all the caps. It will be forever known as ENVELOPEGATE, THE GASP HEARD AROUND THE WORLD.

Image: L.A. Times

You know who actually had the biggest laugh at this flub by Faye Dunaway and Warren Beaty?  One guess:

We did have a winner of the night.  And that was... Gary from Chicago.

Then there was Fox News.  They trolled their fan base all evening by giving play by plays on social media.  Every post was met with angry comments and literal begging from their followers to stop reporting on the Oscars.

Seriously, click on the link and scroll through the comments for your very own Goodfellas moment.

So tell me, what was your favorite moment (petty or not!) from the Oscars?

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