If you haven’t seen these Coen brothers' films, you’re not a good millennial

The beauty of being born and living in the age of technology is that millennials can garner information from almost anywhere, at anytime.

Amid an ocean of evergreen resources, films are a great way to help shape their mindsets. But we’re not suggesting just any film by any director.

A generation with too many unique traits needs movies with layers of depth, witty dialogue, and peculiar approach to filmmaking — like ones directed by the Coen brothers, two prominent names in the contemporary cinema.

There’s a couple that come to mind that every millennial needs to watch.

For starters, though it didn’t received desirable box office grosses, The Big Lebowski from 1998 is a rare find. The movie is about an unemployed, unmarried man that wants nothing but spending his time bowling, drinking White Russians, and getting stoned.

A life that seems so mundane suddenly is driven into strange places and encounters absurdities on many complex levels. The film also portrays the decline of the traditional male role in today’s society — something that we all face but too afraid to speak out.

Next up, True Grit from 2010 is an action-packed remake of the 1960s western original “True Grit”. It’s a comic tale of a 14-year-old, confident yet serious and completely humorless girl whose purpose is to seek revenge for her dead father.

Solid cast. Clever plot progression with dark humor sprinkled everywhere. Great filmmaking. But it’s the richness of language that makes this movie truly sings.

Finally, if you’re in the pursuit of a creative career, Inside Llewyn Davis from 2013 is a film that speaks to you. It was far from a box office champion, but was perhaps the Coen brothers’ quietest and saddest, yet most truthful film.

The struggle is real. No matter how much we’ve been fed with stories of people overcoming the odds, most of the time people come out beaten and defeated by them.

Did we miss any? Tell us the films that really struck a chord with you. 

Photo credit: Creative Commons.

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