Is anyone else tired of "Chewbacca" Mom?

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Trending on my social media feed this morning was Candace Payne. You know, the lovable Chewbacca Mom with the unforgettable laugh? Most everyone agreed that her video sharing her joy over a Chewbacca mask find at Kohl's was refreshing. It was even cool to see her get a bit of prolonged 15 minutes of fame.

But now, more than a few people are scratching their head at all that she has gained for posting a viral video. Let’s face it, videos go viral all of the time, every single day. What is it about this one that has caused companies to just completely shower her with gifts, trips and more?

Some attribute it to how boldly she has proclaimed her Christian faith. Hollywood isn’t the most religious place, so while that may have resonated with the everyday reader... I doubt that is what’s prolonging her- what do you even call it? It not “success”. Relevancy, maybe? Let’s go with that.

Here are 5 of the biggest prizes that Chewbacca Mom has received as a result of her viral video.

1. Full scholarships for herself AND her two school-aged children.


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3. Appeared on Late Late Show with James Corden (free trip to Los Angeles)

REACTION:  (Alright, alright.  I love me some James yeah.  I laughed).

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REACTION: This makes complete sense so...

5. A trip to the Happiest Place on Earth.


While it totally makes sense for her to get a trip to Disney and free toys (that I hope she donated some to needy children!) the whole scholarship thing threw me for a loop.  People work hard for scholarships, and even then don't get full rides to college.  It shouldn't surprise me in the age of entertainment that now hard work is equated to posting a 4 minute viral video.Or maybe I should stop being  a hater and work on my own viral video?  Hmmm....

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