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Vulture Festival in New York happened over the weekend, and what better place for #Marvel's #JessicaJones star #KrystenRitter and showrunner #MelissaRosenberg to discuss details of Jessica Jones Season 2? 

Before we get to those spoilers, though, we want to mention a few things if you're just easing into the gritty, hyper-real world of Jessica Jones on #Netflix. 

One: Who would have thought that the comic book character Jessica Jones would star in her own franchise ahead of #BlackWidow? The way the #MarvelCinematicUniverse has been mostly underutilizing #ScarlettJohansson, and the way that just about every #Avenger who's been around for more than one movie (well, except #Hawkeye) has had at least one film outing of their own...well, it makes you wonder. Black Widow's finally getting her own solo movie, but it took much longer to get green-lit than any fan would probably have wanted.

Two: If #Daredevil was the first to take the idea of modern-day heroes operating in New York down a notch from dream teams of Norse gods, insanely rich tech magnates, cryogenically-preserved supersoldiers and their friends, then Jessica Jones is the first live-action Marvel property to deal with relatable, insidious, everyday villainy

(Here's where we'll start to get spoilery for Season One. If you haven't watched it yet, go pop some corn, #bingewatch the entire first season on #Netflix, and come back. We'll still be here when you're caught up.)

Three: The characterization of Jessica Jones strikes such a chord with viewers because she's a living, breathing, flawed, relatable character. She's scarred. She's working through her demons in her own way, often with a bottle of bottom-shelf whiskey by her side. But she's doing it. She gets up every day and keeps fighting, even though she's lived through what's quite possibly every woman's worst nightmare. The fact that she has a superpower is incidental; it's just a single part of her life, not the whole of it.

Now, back to the Jessica Jones panel at Vulture Festival. What revelations for Jessica Jones Season Two did Ritter and Rosenberg share? 

In Season One, after an intensely disturbing season-long game of cat-and-mouse, Jessica finally ends up killing her greatest external tormentor and enemy, #Kilgrave (#DavidTennant). Jones very clearly didn't want to do it, despite their relationship; she only ended up doing it when she was forced to choose between his death and the death of a lot of innocent bystanders.

After an entire season spent very frankly exploring the aftermath and consequences of rape and PTSD, this was Kilgrave's final violation. 

According to Rosenberg, “The greatest rape of Jessica Jones was being forced to become a murderer. She took a life, and that’s so counter to who she is. The reason she doesn’t just walk up and kill him is she doesn’t let him define her in that way. She walks away with some really complicated stuff going on, which we’ll be able to explore next season.”

Ritter added, “[He] was her reason for getting up at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. She spends most of the show trying to get him into prison. She doesn’t want to kill him, but that becomes her only choice. I don’t think all that trauma and PTSD goes away now that she kills him.”

For more behind-the-scenes insight into Jessica Jones with Rosenberg and Ritter, check out this Entertainment Weekly piece.

And if you're looking for a Jessica Jones action figure to add to your collection, check out what Ritter had to say when she stopped by #TheLateShowWithStephenColbert:

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