Katy Perry Got Political at the Grammys & It Was Perfect

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A few headlines today blared confusion over Katy Perry’s 46surprisingly political4754Chained to the Rhythm55Living our lives through a lens/Trapped in our white picket fence ... So comfortable

Perry summed it up for Access Hollywood 75not awake76apathetic77

89PersistPlanned Parenthood pin

The set for Perry and Marley's performance made a statement, as well. Perry initially appeared in a tiny house, wearing rose-colored glasses, singing behind a white picketed fence that grew in size around her. The fence turned into mirrors, and after the end of the track, the preamble to the U.S. Constitution was projected onto the set. 

118 she told 119type120i121contents122type123a124contents125type126text127contents128People129attributes130href131http://people.com/music/grammys-2017-katy-perry-chained-to-the-rhythm-performance/?xid=socialflow_twitter_peoplemag132type133text134contents135 136type137text138contents139before the show. 140

Perry’s determination to usher in this era of “purposeful pop” seems like a direct response to people who wag their tongues about celebrities sharing their thoughts on politics. But what those critics don't seem to understand is that many stars like Perry (and Meryl Streep and A Tribe Called Quest) are famous because they're artists. And just like doctors feel called to heal and lawyers aim to pursue justice, many artists feel they have a duty to connect with their audience and call attention to crucial issues facing society today. Not only are they entitled to reflect social and political consciousness in their work, but they add value to their work by doing so.

154is about music — the words and the voices. How they move us and inspire us and touch all of our lives. At this particular point in historyparaphrased the Nobel prize-winning poet169This is precisely the time when artists go to work. There is no time for despair

Katy Perry clearly agrees, and for using her art form to resist, she deserves a standing ovation.

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