PSYCH: The Movie...?that's what I'm talking about, son!

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Everyone's crossing their fingers and toes, squealing and doing the Shawn and Gus happy dance when they hear the news and so will you -- full of hope, fear and excitement -- just let it be true!

PSYCH: The Movie ? it's coming this December 2017!!

Yes, those two fellas.

No fooling!

Yes indeed! We aren't lying. Oh c'mon, we remember the pain in 2014 when the USA Network cancelled the show. It's was dramatic and traumatic for all of us.

But look here, we've even got confirmations from actors outside the regular returning cast who are possibly going to be part of this end-of-year Psych-o-fantasy film:

Meanwhile our favorite cast have been working on other projects... Dulé Hill's been on Suits and ABC's legal drama Doubt.

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James Roday has also been acting on Good Session, a comedy, as well as partnering in writing the script for Psych: The Movie.

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Fans everywhere are pulling out the memories and the re-runs. Who are trying to kid? We never put them away!

Our favorite non-ending Psych argument is really going to be polished now that we know it's going to see daylight in December!

See ya at the movies, ?lovers!

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