Queen Sugar is television at it's sweetest and finest.

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It’s been 2 days since Queen Sugar has premiered and I’m still in awe- I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like this on TV. From the way we were able to immediately connect to the characters, to the beautiful imagery and the heart-wrenching family tragedy for the Bordelons; Queen Sugar is masterful, timeless and regal. There is NOTHING on television like Queen Sugar.

Not even in the same stratosphere.

I was captivated from the very first scene, and kept thinking- this feels like I should be watching on a movie screen. But then, of course I feel this way, I remembered. THIS is Ava DuVernay. They don’t call her a Visionary Filmmaker for nothing; even when she’s on TV she is a FILMMAKER.

The two-night premiere introduced us to the Bordelon family. Not only who everyone is, but who they ARE- every character is multidimensional, full of ebbs and flows, strengths and flaws. There is something you love about them, something you see that lives in you and causes immediate connection. You will recognize bits and pieces of your self and your family in bits and pieces of the Bordelons. The casting is brilliant, not because they look like a real family, but because the cast brings so much depth to their character. You believe them. You believe in them, and you are rooting for them to win.  You will feel their every emotion- love, joy, desperation and every feeling in between.

After I watched the second episode, I was trying to digest it all and realized- every single character had a moment that brought me to tears.  A moment that made me smile.  A moment that caused my heart ache.  Imagine going through that process with every character... from the patriarch Ernest Bordelon to the youngest family member, 5 year old Blue.

Episode #1, “First Things First” Recap:

Episode #2, “Evergreen” Recap:

Now let's all pause and appreciate the music. 

Every note tugs at your soul. I’d like the entire soundtrack, please and thank you. I was pleasantly surprised to see that you can grab 3 free downloads from the Queen Sugar website. Meshell Ndegeocello scored the series, which is exactly why it’s so poetic, passionate, expressive and stirring.

The entire series is being directed by women- a feat that Oprah and Ava both are proud of and rightfully so. The essence of family, love and community all helms from HER- the woman. It only makes sense that women are responsible for this magic.

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