Riri's "working" on the Ocean's Eight

Riri's "working" on the Ocean's Eight

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Aww, look at my beautiful Rihanna. I wouldn't mind if you couldn't recognize her in these photos, though. Well, I would mind but LOOK AT HER! She's a janitor!

28-years-old world star spotted pushing a garbage can and listening to music (probably herself - Work Work Work) last week on the set of highly anticipated and extremely famous-casted new movie Ocean's Eight. She's walking around, wiping floors, taking out the trash etc. It's a wonderful scene to watch.

And Rihanna was also seen with one of the co-stars of the movie, Sandra Bullock, in a foodcourt of a mall eating hot dogs and fries and sharing earbuds to motivate themselves to work more. I don't believe she's listening anything else, btw.

Well, after mentioning Sandra Bullock, it'd be an awful thing to not talk about other cast members. The list is huge and the people in it are massive. Other than the ladies, the movie will rock us with Cate Blanchett, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson ve Nora Lum. And the villain's going to be Damien Lewis.

It's gonna be good, it's got to be.

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