Scandal: Next Season Will Be Fire

Scandal: Next Season Will Be Fire

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I don't know any of them, but there are actually people who don't watch what is hands down the best drama on TV.  We all know Shonda Rhimes owns Thursday night, and at the center of TGIT is Kerry Washington, from Scandal.

What I found most interesting about this season is how #OliviaPope's clothes dictate what's about to happen in the show.  At the beginning of the season, I found myself confused... where is all this color coming from?  Where is all of Liv's black and white.  By the end of the season our girl who lived in solids and monochromatic colors looked like a botanical garden with all the colors.And finally, I realized that it was simply due to the fact that Olivia Pope was no longer fighting.  She has embodied who she is, and that is Command's Daughter.  The apple actually doesn't fall far from the tree, and though she'd been trying to prove that the apple in her case was thrown into an entire new orchard...we now know that Olivia is embracing where she is and WHO she is.I'm looking forward to next season, to see Mellie against Frankie Vargas.  To see if Olivia stays on this path.  If you DON'T watch Scandal, this is the summer to do your binge.  Shonda and her team are full of tricks!If you need to get caught up on Scandal or didn't read a recap, I have to share my favorite Recap Authoress (I live for her Scandal and Game of Thrones recaps!) Awesomely Luuvie's with you.

Binge watch it and get your life!

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