'Sesame Street' has mocked Donald Trump for years

'Sesame Street' has mocked Donald Trump for years

Donald Trump has listed public broadcasting (PBS) as one of the government funded organizations he is looking to cut. While Trump is not the first president to want to defund PBS, emerged clips of classic ‘Sesame Street’ reveal a personal vendetta he might have.

For decades, ‘Sesame Street’ mocked Trump. A character called “Donald Grump,” a grouch, appeared on the show first as a builder and then as a full-on wealthy celebrity. While there are only three episodes the character of Ronald Grump appeared in, he plays the villain in each.

Donald Grump looks to “destroy Sesame Street” and build Grump Tower, which would effectively leave residents of Sesame Street, like Oscar The Grouch, homeless. Big Bird leads Sesame Street residents in a march to stop Grump, who then declares, “this neighborhood does not deserve Grump Tower anyway.”

Ronald Grump’s final appearance on ‘Sesame Street’ came in 2005 when Grump returned to the neighborhood, complete with his signature orange hair, to look for an apprentice - and tell them they’re fired. Obviously, a jab at Trump’s reality show “The Apprentice.”

Read a more in-depth analysis of Sesame Street’s take down of Trump on The Washington Post.

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