Summer House’s Lindsay & Everett: Everything We Know About Their Relationship

“Summer House,” Bravo’s latest drunken brainchild, only debuted a few weeks ago, but fans are already hooked. And what’s not to love? Each episode features a gaggle of young NYC professionals, partying and arguing ‘til dawn in a beautiful beach mansion. Reality TV viewing at its finest, people.

As with all reality shows, this one features a couple — Lindsay Hubbard and Everett Weston — in a sea of rosé-loving singles. Hubbard and Weston are the only (official) couple of the house, and, in most scenes, they seem perfect for each other. They have the same friends; they both love a good party; and, in Hubbard’s words, they’re both “winners.” But, of course in other scenes, the pair is fighting each other tooth and nail and look like they’re moments away from breaking up.

So! Are they still together? Here’s everything we know about Hubbard and Weston’s current relationship status. Spoiler alert: This was no summer fling.

1. They’re still going strong

Despite what many people in their Montauk house believed (looking at you, Cristina Gibson), Hubbard and Weston are still very much a couple, and they’re still very much in love. A quick peruse through either Instagram account will show that the pair have been rock solid since the show wrapped. Perhaps next year, Ashley Wirkus won’t be the only married person in the house?

2. Their love story, evidently, is one of the books

Despite the fact that Hubbard and Weston met through friends, their story rivals that of Romeo and Juliet. Well, according to Hubbard. In a super adorable Instagram post that wished Weston a appy irthday, Hubbard said to her man, “You are my best friend, lover, partner in crime, and guiding light. Our love story is one for the books. Thank you for making me laugh, keeping my butterflies a flutter, and putting a smile on my face the moment my eyes open every day.” Who knew?!

3. They’re not ones to shy away from a theme

This past Halloween, Hubbard and Weston did what any self-respecting, loved-up couple would do when a disguise is in order: They went with a couple’s costume. You know things are serious when you’re both futuristic space cadets.

4. They spend the holidays together

Which, in couple speak, is pretty much akin to being betrothed.

5. They take serious vacations together

A few weeks ago, Weston posted this sweet “throwback” collage to when he and Hubbard were in Tulum, Mexico. Also, the caption — #adventureswithboo — pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

6. They’re planning on getting married — eventually

While Weston didn’t outright say he was going to pop the question to Hubbard, it’s clearly on his mind. Why else would he mention being with her “until the end of time” in a birthday Instagram post? We — and Andy Cohen — are waiting for the Bravo-televised wedding. 

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