The Funniest, Most Touching Ads From Super Bowl 51

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Perhaps the only thing more exciting, riveting and unifying than watching an action-packed, arena-filled game of football is watching the hilarious, thoughtful, awe-inspiring ads in-between. With everything from Melissa McCarthy comedically flying through the sky to heartfelt emotional spots with thoughtful messages, here are some of the best commercials of Super Bowl 51.

Budweiser: “Born the Hard Way”

In a surprisingly heartfelt, dramatic ad-spot for a beer commercial, we meet up with German Immigrant Adolphus Busch (born 1839) to co-found what is arguably America’s most iconic beer brand. The ad has generated a lot of buzz, and has even been seen by some as a veiled swipe at newly elected President Donald Trump, given his administration’s recent sentiments and actions regarding immigration. People upset with Budweiser’s perceived political stance have responded with a #BoycottBudweiser hashtag across social media. Budweiser’s own Twitter account touts the ad as “the story of our founder and his pursuit of the American Dream.”

Avocados From Mexico: “#AvoSecrets”

In this hilarious ad spot for Avocados From Mexico, an Illuminati concerned about being able to keep its secrets secret discusses ways to keep the lid on scandals like the faked moon landing, the fact that there are only “49 Shades of Grey,” and the not so top-secret military base Area 51, along with the other “areas.” That, and their struggle to conceal the fact that Avocados from Mexico have good fats and are healthy. Look for the quick second of “subliminal advertising” too with a trippy image featuring Jon Lovitz and avocados swirling around him.

Kia: “Hero’s Journey” Starring Melissa McCarthy

As a passionate activist, Melissa McCarthy travels the world to save whales, trees and the polar ice caps, getting into crazy antics each time. With Bonnie Tyler’s “I Need a Hero” as the perfect soundtrack, McCarthy dazzles the screen with slapstick comedic antics, getting thrown around cartoonishly by the very things she’s trying to save, each time back in her Kia receiving a phone call before taking on her next mission.

Audi: “Daughter”

As a father watches his daughter win a soapbox derby race, Audi makes the case for equal pay for men and women. The ad finishes with the tagline, “Audi of America is committed to equal pay for equal work. Progress is for everyone.” The ad has generated controversy for accusations of hypocrisy regarding Audi’s own hiring practices as reported by Business Insider. However, the ad has also received praise, with celebrities like Aisha Tyler and Constance Zimmer showing support for the commercial on Twitter.

Squarespace: “Calling”

Domain name and web hosting ads are often some of the most talked about commercials every super bowl, with GoDaddy often generating quite a bit of buzz. This time around, the talked about ad has been a spot from SquareSpace featuring John Malkovich as he tries to launch a clothing brand but has his domain held hostage by another person of the same name. “No it’s not a joke,” he explains on the phone. “I’m trying to start a menswear line, a fashion line, and you have the domain,, which I very much need.” As the conversation escalates Malkovich yells, “Get out of my name!” It’s a quirky, irreverent spot featuring some quality acting that just so happens to also promote John Malkovich’s very real new clothing line.

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