Landing & keeping a pro-athlete is the most competitive sport

Landing & keeping a pro-athlete is the most competitive sport

Being a WAG can be considered one of the most competitive sports out there: Finding and keeping your pro-athlete man.

19Know your place in the hierarchy; there are rules!20

Sasha Gates, wife of San Diego Chargers tight-end Antonio Gates...

Olivia Pierson, girlfriend of Marcedes Lewis of the Jacksonville Jaguars...

Natalie Halcro, girlfriend of NFL player Shaun Phillips....

Ashley North, fiancée of Dashon Goldson...

Nicole Williams, girlfriend of Larry English...

Autumn Ajirotutu, wife of Seyi Ajirotutu...

Tia Shipman, girlfriend of Washington Redskins.....???

Cheating, man-stealing, sabotage, luxury, limelight, it's all right here in the show. Why didn't Barbie invite Sasha to her wedding? Which sisters are fighting over the same man? Who's the home-wrecker?

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