The Twilight Zone, the Original Spooky Show

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Rod Serling's voice will always be associated with the classic spooky show, The Twilight Zone, from the late 1950s and early 1960s. 

The original show drew from  controversial social issues such as racism, global crises like the long Cold War and the effect of its paranoia on society, and as a veteran and against the Vietnam War, he included episodes on the horrors of war.

Be advised -- you can't go wrong bingeing on this stuff. The show has won GoldenGlobes, Emmys, Hugos, Writers Guild awards, and more. And each episode comes with a twist and moral. 

Who doesn't want to be scared out of their minds, and have their chains yanked at the same time?

These episodes are available on Netflix, can you believe it??

Check out the original creep factor:

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