What really happened to JonBenét?

It’s a criminal case that continues to grip America deep down where we live. It involves a sweet-looking innocent seeming little girl, turning up strangled on Christmas morning...and the baffling, bumbling, ethically conflicted investigation still makes people cringe twenty years later. Six year old JonBenét Ramsey's murder remains unsolved, still.

The first news to leak out was that the young beauty pageant winner was discovered murdered in the basement of the family's home, her mouth covered with duct tape and a cord twisted around her neck. Then came news of a ransom note.  It was all quite bizarre. Police and family friends tramped all over the crime scene. It was a mess.  No one seemed to know how to handle a high profile murder case in sleepy Boulder, Colorado, where it had been thirty years since they'd had this kind of sensation.

And on the twentieth anniversary of her murder,  her case is being revived in the media and for all of America (and the world) to re-hash and pick apart again.  For her remaining family, her father and brother, it's a time to relive the trauma, drama and perhaps those feelings of never knowing who or why their daughter and sister were taken so soon from their lives.

Join us as we take a look at the case that grabbed our attention during Christmas 1996, when we wondered, why is this child made up to look at act like a 30 year old woman during and after her pageants? And there were plenty of times during the investigation that we wondered, was she ever sexually abused by anyone? Do you remember thinking those questions? Let's see if anyone can get Justice for JonBenét!

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