Who's the bigot, Salma Hayek?

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Who knew that what we see in the 'Beatriz at Dinner' trailer might be an example of life imitating art?

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Watch the full trailer, then let's dish.

At first viewing, Beatriz makes you shout “Yes, girl! Shut that racist, elitist bleepity-bleep DOWN!” 

That is, unless you’ve read the LA Times article about a luncheon, that took place after the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, to celebrate women in film. If you have read it, you’re probably thinking ‘This can't be real life?’

If you haven't read it- well dig in.

We’ve all met a Doug (John Lithgow’s character) before. 

Either we’ve been on the receiving end of his bigotry disguised as ‘jokes’ or we know someone who dishes it out on the regular. When witnessing it, you're often momentarily paralyzed between trying to enjoy the moment of whatever it is you’re doing, and having to speak up because aw-hell-not-this-bs-again? And yes, you speak up, but not before a deep sigh and mental preparedness for what's will ensue. Especially when there's a lot at stake.

I imagine that’s the exact kind of purgatory Jessica Williams found herself when the conversation veered to the current political climate and equality for women. 

What was a celebration intended by the host to provoke thoughtful and powerful conversation, became a lesson in why it’s important to acknowledge everyone’s experience and why feminism has a lot of work to do where intersectionality is concerned.

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“My question is: What if you are a person of color, or a transgendered person who — just from how you look — you already are in a conflict?” Jessica Williams, 27, asked in response to Shirley MacLaine.

158find your core identity159

What ensued was a discussion riddled with tone-deafness, privilege, belittling and most of all silencing someone’s experience.

Hayek and MacLaine both wrote off what Jessica was trying to convey. 

183I184 Never mind that all women of color aren185t to say that she took the moment to listen and was enlightened by any of it; we don186 We do not know what we do not know'

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