Why ABC's #TGIT female leads inspire me beyond the TV

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I’m a huge fan of Shonda Rhimes and her incredible shows on ABC’s #TGIT. Featuring “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Scandal,” and “How to Get Away With Murder,” my Thursday nights are taken over by a lot of drama, a little bit of gore, and pure jaw-dropping moments. But, Rhimes and her female leads go far beyond some simple entertainment for me. In fact, they’re incredibly inspiring. Here’s how they motivate me beyond the television.

Powerhouses on and off screen

One of my favorite things about Shonda Rhimes is that she casted female leads in the #TGIT lineup far before it was a trend to highlight bold women. Whether she and her characters are addressing diversity issues head on, showing how women can build families and have successful careers, or standing up for those who can’t themselves, these women encourage their audiences to do the same.

What they’re not always known for

Kerry Washington, known as Olivia Pope on “Scandal,” most recently spoke at the March for Science and is known for her work as a political activist. Viola Davis, star of “How to Get Away With Murder,” made Time’s 100 Most Influential People List and is an ambassador for Hunger Is, a charity devoted to providing breakfasts for children in need. And, Ellen Pompeo, better known as Meredith Gray in “Grey’s Anatomy,” is known for her support of charities and went on to take the directing role on the set of the show.

They show real issues unfiltered

Being a working mom, coming from a rough childhood, and addressing the realities of the political scope are just a few things the #TGIT leads are extremely transparent about. Earlier this year, Viola Davis made headlines for her acceptance speech following her Oscar win for her role in “Fences.”

She was brutally honest about growing up poor and sharing what she had to do to get food and to simply survive. Kerry Washington has been incredibly open about the lack of diversity in the entertainment industry and doesn’t just say she’s tired of it, she actually takes action. Ellen Pompeo is a mom of three young kids and has no fear in saying that she has people to help her as she finds the balance between motherhood and working constantly. And, topics, like abortion and PTSD, are tackled head on in these series.

From taking steps in the entertainment world to making women everywhere proud, I love watching #TGIT for so many reasons. Are you a fan of these shows or do you think they can do more? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @KaitlynRussell_!

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