Why no one but David Lynch could do it

Why no one but David Lynch could do it

CouchPotato ? 2 years ago

Many have tried. All have fallen short. That's because no one else is David Lynch.

In the years since Twin Peaks37It38s secrets

Did any of these shows that clearly dove dippers into the Twin Peaks well ultimately satisfy? Sure, some people. That's not to say there were no redeeming qualities about any of these shows, nor that mass inspiration is a bad thing. 

What it is, perhaps, meant to say is that no one else skillfully weaves all those elements together into a single piece of cloth like David Lynch. And that, perhaps, is why we as viewers feel let down in the hands of other storytellers. You might like someone's pie crust, but if their filling sucks, you won't be coming back for seconds. That whole pie had better be something if you're gonna take the time.

Twin Peaks returns on Showtime on Sunday, May 21, 2017 at 9pm ET/PT with a two hour premiere. You have plenty of time to rewatch the original series (and watch Fire Walk With Me, and listen to the Dale Cooper tapes, and read Laura Palmer's diary).

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