5 foods you need to eat for good luck in the New Year

The new year has a tendency to turn even non-believers a tad superstitious. All around the world the 1st of January is filled with traditional antics and food centric symbolism.

The most persistent New Year's traditions revolve around eating. Recurring themes are foods that symbolize wealth, prosperity, forward motion, long life, and a lot of round things.

Smashing pomegranates at your front door insures prosperity and fortune. The more seeds the more luck and if you gather some and put them into your champagne glass even better. 

Fish: scales resemble coins, they swim in schools which invokes the idea of abundance and they swim forward, symbolizing progress. 

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In Japan you slurp soba noodles without breaking them which means you will continue to have a long and prosperous life. 

Greens. Money. Abundance. Eat your spinach and collards to keep your money mojo going in the new year. 

Germans eat marzipan pigs to symbolize good luck in the new year and at Christmas. 

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