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With a record-high 375,000 attendees this year, ADE is the world's biggest club festival for dance music with 2,200 artists performing in 450+ events throughout Amsterdam over 5 days. The festival which kicked off on Thursday is in its 21st year since inception. 

For an electronic music dance aficionado such as myself, this is huge! Many friends in the industry and some who are simply attendees are there now. 

A good friend Justin is an ADE virgin and I've been getting What's App messages since last night, Thursday on amazing venues and DJ sets. He announced that one of of our DJ heroes and friend, Guy J from Tel Aviv will be releasing his new track at ADE! I am green with envy! 

He probably browsed this site that has the rundown of ADE's events, from Decoded Mag site:

Here's the official website where you can browse to your heart's content for events related to art, sports (football matches), technical masterclasses, equipment demos, navigating the business including taxes, and of course music and DJ events representing a vast variety of genres. Lifestreams can found here as well: 

This seems like a cool photo exhibition preview featuring images from the iconic UK-based GU label: 

Something different and original to see at ADE :  an art installation in partnership with the Rembrandt House (Rembrandt’s former home in Amsterdam) and video artist Heleen Blanken and with  DJ/Producer Peter Van Hoesen who will provide the soundtrack

If I were there, I would definitely make time for and book a session here:

Friday night was a big night for underground dance music fans particularly  to those into the progressive house genre since it was Sudbeat's and The Soundgarden's showcase at Panama, a club that was formerly a church. World class  and master DJs Hernan Cattaneo (Argentina)  and Nick Warren (UK) played back to back to a massive audience. I would have been dancing in front too like my Dutch friend Chantal if I were at AMS this very weekend! I see her in this photo posted by DJ Hernan Cattaneo. 

The stellar lineup at their ADE showcase included talented DJs/producers and musicians from Argentina, Greece, Mexico, Spain and LA:

Techies, audio engineers, photographers, managers, music industry heavyweights representing all dance genres are also attending ADE. 

You might recognize some big names from the mainstream dance music club scene such as Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren. They play for big crowds too at ADE. 

Earlier on Friday, the hallowed halls of the Rijksmuseum hosted an ADE event which featured Maceo Plex, a Spanish DJ and producer. He tweeted this:

Friends are certainly looking forward to All Day I Dream and the DJs who will play  there including head honcho Lee Burridge. Guests DJs include one of my faves, Eelke Kleijn from Rotterdam and new faves the duo from Moscow, Gorje Hewek & Izhevski

I've been to a few ADID parties in LA and once in Palm Springs. The vibe is cool and relaxing, the music doesn't get thumping and heavy. People are there to move and sway and be happy and dreamy. 

Lee Burridge also brings Robot Heart to Burning Man each year.  Listening to him and his guest DJs deep in the playa at Black Rock City was immensely satiating when I was there in 2014. 

A sampling with sounds of All Day I Dream. I'm dreaming now that I'm in Amsterdam attending ADID. 

A sampling of events on the last day: 

My friend Lisa Sant's review of ADE for Electronic Groove which promotes the most current and up-and-coming music artists and festivals worldwide. Nice work Lisa! 

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