Anything is possible at the Cannes Film Festival

Cannes can make or break directors, but the festival also brings attention to the kinds of films often ignored by the cultural bubble of Hollywood and American film. Quelle anticipation!

In the world of film, the Cannes Film Festival is the largest international showcase of cinematic art.

It's not like the Oscars. Anyone can submit a film, and every submission has the chance to be viewed by representatives of the international movie industry.

Every year, for 12 days in May, Cannes in southern France turns into a meeting place for cinema's players, would-be players and the people who report on them.

And since the entire Festival team has moved to Cannes & are waiting for us to celebrate the 70th anniversary with them, let's see what's playing.

Just like the glory days that get revisited on the Hollywood red carpet at the Oscars, Cannes relieves it's heyday of international movie chic-ness through retrospectives. This year is no exception. Check out this cool tumblr version of Cannes through the years.

This year's retrospective is focused on Italian actress Claudia Cardinale which might one of the reasons another Italian actress Monica Bellucci, is this year’s Mistress of Ceremonies and will be introducing the opening and closing events. ⭐️

Picturesque Cannes is on everyone's bucket list, this view is one of the reasons why.

À l’année prochaine pour la 70e édition! / See you next year for the 70th edition! #Cannes2017 © V. Hache / AFP

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Many of the films will feature international actors like Nicole Kidman, who is everywhere these days including Sofia Coppola's Southern Gothic movie The Beguiled.

Trailers are all out, vying for attention.

And, in a total quelle surprise moment, Cannes will offer the world the first taste of what David Lynch has got in store for unsuspecting Showtime subscribers coming up this May. ?

IG & Twitter gearing up for the coming week all talking about movies, actors, celebrity sightings and gossip coming down to the cinematicly inclined Mediterranean Cote.

See you in three days on the Cote d'Azure at the Cannes Film Festival ???

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