‘Hamilton’: Hype or $100,000 value?

‘Hamilton’: Hype or $100,000 value?

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It’s no secret that “Hamilton: The Musical” has taken the country by storm. With its catchy, upbeat anthems and vivid scenes portraying the struggles of one of our founding fathers, the play resembles a history book that comes to life and takes a contemporary, urban approaches to Alexander Hamilton’s character.

Acquiring the attention of an ADD population is something that playmakers, filmmakers and every creative in between have struggled with over the years, yet here comes “Hamilton,” knocking down doors and crushing through barriers that have been set before it.

The musical received not one, but 16 Tony nominations in 2016, and took home 11 wins. The play also won a Grammy for best musical album, along with the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for drama.

With all the critical acclaim “Hamilton” has received since debuting on Broadway on August 5, 2015, it has caught the eye of some pretty high rollers in the country. And by high rollers we mean a few people you may or may not know, such as former President Barack and Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Vice President Mike Pence.

With the success that the show continues to see, it’s no surprise that tickets are still flying. What may cause severe shock and borderline heart attacks is the price tag on those tickets. In the beginning, any human from any walk of life could snag a ticket for under $150. If you don’t know Broadway, that’s a pretty reasonable price.

However, since shaking hands with immense success, the tides have turned, the winds have shifted, and the prices have skyrocketed. Hamilton is continually selling out show after show, with tickets available, at the earliest, in November of 2017 for a whopping $399.

The musical caught even more buzz when Hillary Clinton bought out the theatre for her supporters during her run for presidency, causing prices to skyrocket up to $100,000—all for the sake of raising money for her Victory Fund. In addition to this star-studded event, the likes of Vice President Pence and stars such as Beyoncé, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have all hopped on the bandwagon, which leaves one firing question: why haven’t you?

To that, my dear friends, the answer is simple; though it’s a two-part one—bare with me, it’s worth it! The common folk cannot afford to shell out the cash that’s required to see the show months from now when tickets are actually available. Since the show’s been sold out, scalpers are on the rise, skyrocketing the prices of normal tickets into the upper hundreds and low thousands.

With such high demand, it begs the question: is it really worth seeing? Critical acclaim is one thing, but what about the Average Joes of the theatrical world? Here’s the thing, this show isn’t just for the rich, and it’s not for the poor, either. It’s for everyone from every walk of life; it’s the story of how this country was founded and the trials and tribulations they went through.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of the musical, sought out to create something six years in the making that would speak to a large group of people—Americans of every race, shape, ethnicity, you name it—and relate the struggles of Hamilton and the founding fathers back to them in a way that made sense.

Young adults find themselves wishing there was a musical with such a killer soundtrack back when they were learning U.S. History in school. That’s what’s so astounding about this musical: it’s accessibility. With the current rise in technology and social media, it’s getting harder to captivate this younger crowd, which is something “Hamilton” has done, and well.

With both a presence on Spotify and iTunes, those who are waiting to get ahold of tickets to a live show can envision what one would be like from the comfort of their homes, while jammin’ out to some Manuel Lin-Miranda and crew classics.

When the original cast of “Hamilton” visited the White House in March of 2016, it was under the invitation of the First Lady. Mrs. Obama wanted to test out some educational initiatives by means of the storyline and musical elements of the play, and did so with great success.

There’s no denying that the principles, and educational and cultural values of “Hamilton” will last more than a mere generation.

It just might take you that long to save for one ticket. 

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