How NYC high school kids are learning history with #EduHam


It's a given that every Hamilton fan wants to be in the room where it happens. It's also a given that teachers of American history everywhere owe Lin-Manuel Miranda a debt of gratitude for bringing Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr to life so vividly.

But did you know that there's a Hamilton Education Program currently in place in NYC?

How NYC high school kids are learning history with #EduHam

The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History developed the curriculum, and the Rockefeller Foundation has funded this program that has allowed 20,000 NYC high school juniors to see Hamilton for $10 a ticket (yep, #Ham4Ham 4HighSchool).

Now NPR has assembled Hamilton: A Story of US to chart some of the amazing creative performances these kids have come up with in response to the Hamilton Education Program.

Plug in your headphones and cue up the hourlong playlist here:

Learn more about the Hamilton Education Program here:


The official story tells us that LMM got the inspiration for Hamilton from reading Ron Chernow's biography.

While we're sure that's a big part of it, Newsweek reporter Zach Schonfeld has revealed that an inspirational high school teacher who taught Lin-Manuel Miranda in 11th grade AP-level (but not actually AP) History may have been the first one to plant this seed.

Irv Steinfink, 72 and now retired, told Schonfeld about a term paper that students had to complete for one semester. "When I came to Lin, he hadn't yet a clue, so I told him to think for a while and come to me later. He approached me at my desk and still was blank, so I recommended him the Burr-Hamilton duel. He lit up and agreed and, in the end, submitted a wonderful term paper, A-plus."

What's also charming about this article is that the comments at the end are mainly from former students at Hunter College High School reminiscing, instead of a bunch of Internet trolls.

Read the whole thing here: