Let these mini-flamencas stomp into your heart


In flamenco -- the passionate folkloric Spanish art form of dance, song and music -- attitude is everything.  These three sassy young bailaoras, or flamenco dancers, prove that in Madrid attitude starts early.

Images: screengrabs of the video

In a video that's going viral, the 8-to-10-year-old students of the prestigious La Truco dance school in Madrid are stomping and clapping and posturing their way into the hearts of millions. Watch it here:

Claudia, Itziar and Paola take the stage at Casa Patas, the best known of Madrid's flamenco hot spots, during an impromptu after-party for flamenco dancer Eliezer Pinillos shown here:

They call themselves 'Las Turroneras' when they perform professionally.

Watch practice sessions at the institute:

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What do you think? Do you have the attitude to dance flamenco?

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