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The huge book reveals inspirations & themes behind some of the Lemonade film's most provocative & cryptic moments 🔑

More than just music: Beyoncé releases an amazing 600-page coffee table book

Beyoncé has been on fire since the release of her sixth studio album, "Lemonade." This was the singer’s second "visual album" and was also a concept album, with a one-hour film that aired on HBO. "Lemonade" encompasses a variety of genres, including pop, reggae, blues, rock, hip hop, soul, funk, Americana, country, gospel, electronic, and trap music.

And now Beyoncé has added to the product offering with her recently released 600-page book, "How to Make Lemonade."

The visually stunning book conta…

It's not a civil war yet. Our currency still works in all states, for example 🔑

Beware the 'Cultural Civil War' narrative: You're being played

Every day, we’re confronted with aggressive wordings and media affirmations that the world is falling apart, feeding into whatever fearmongering thought may be most profitable (and viral) that day, week, month, year.

The media has been subject to an unusual amount of moral desertion these past years. Largely, those malicious dialogues have been skewed in one direction more than any other: toward a culturally aggressive uprising. To put it bluntly, we’ve been put into a corner to believe we’re on …

Don't make this mistake 🔑

This is what it's like talking to a burner who just got back

You see the problem? You made the mistake of asking "How was Burning Man?"

Watch the video here:

The temple is the spiritual center of the playa 🔑

Temple of Grace #BurningMan 2014

The price tag for self-reliance is steep 🔑

Going off the grid costs you more than you think

By these calculations, if you don't already have the camping gear a basic burn can run you up to $7,000. If you're a high roller and head to Billionaire's Row, the tag starts at $10,000.

Every year sets new, fishnet-top hat-trapeze burn squad goals 🔑

Dust in curious places can't stop Burner Girls '17

What do you think of Burning Man, which ended today in the Nevada desert? Every year we think we're going to go and become trapeze artists in fishnets and a top hat, and then we remember the dust. It's dusty in Black Rock City, besides being 115 degrees.

Here are some Burner Girls of 2017 who braved the dust in curious places to bring us these scenes. 

Image: on Twitter, Vanity Fair