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Collection Man Burning

70,000 people are gathering again at Black Rock City this week for Burning Man where art and self-expression are king along with self-sustenance and 'leave no trace' creed. Tens of thousands are drawn to the dusty, dry lakebed for there is no place like H O M E. I know I was and there is always a call to go back home and be part of this unique community again.

Spectacular art and incredible installations dot the playa once again!

World-class DJs and musicians playing at different music camps is the bonus plus you might just meet your BBFF there!

An image of Burning Man taken from TerraSAR-X radar satellite!

Jetset will have a new meaning this year at when they board this converted 747 art gallery cum lounge and performance space.

Stellar DJs playing at White Ocean Camp this week including my friend from Argentina, Hernan Cattaneo who is a #worldclassdj

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