Shonduras Is The Earliest Snapchat Celebrity

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Shonduras, AKA Shaun McBride, was one of the earliest stars of Snapchat. He's quirky, buzzing with energy, and absolutely hilarious. In other words, he's a g-r-e-a-t entertainer.

While he started as a homegrown star, he is officially a Snapchat entrepreneur. Check out his snazzy website:

Yes, he has tabs for branded content, vlogs, and speaking opportunities. Pretty good for a guy who describes himself as goofy!

Clearly, he loves animals.

If you want to see all of Shonduras' Snaps, check out his Tumblr page.

If you want to get really stalker-y.... in the best way, of course... you can follow Shaun on Instagram.

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