5 Reasons Why You Should Dance!

Who doesn’t love dancing? Oh well, maybe not everyone. Some might find it a bit embarrassing. After all, it can feel like a goofy thing to do. Everyone dances differently, and there’s really no right or wrong way to do it. No matter who you are, what your dance level is, or how you feel about this legendary art form, here are five reasons you should definitely get out there and get your dance on. Come on, show us those moves!

1. Dancing is great for your physical health.

This one is probably the most obvious on the list. Of course dancing is absolutely wonderful for your physical health. We tend to spend countless sedentary hours in our daily lives, so anytime we’re up and moving and breaking a sweat, it’s a huge win. Dancing increases blood flow within the body while simultaneously promoting a good calorie burn. Think of it as a fun way to exercise. Depending on the duration and intensity of your dance-off, you can get a pretty darn nice work out in. Certain varieties of dance, like more athletic styles inspired by gymnastics or acrobatics, can even help improve muscle building. There aren’t any rules on how to dance. No matter how you do it, you’re doing a positive thing for your body.

2. Dancing is also good for your mental health.

Of course, right along with the physical benefits of dancing are some mental benefits, too. Any physical activity is great for your brain’s health as well. It increases blood flow and oxygen to your brain and helps promote sharper and clearer thinking and new ideas. You’ll be happier and more prepared to tackle whatever it is you’re working on. Personally, I think dancing gets me out of my head, and it can be a nice break from the mental stream of thoughts that I have all day. It can be similar to taking a nice walk. It helps me feel better, and feeling good is everything. It’s when I’m most productive.

3. Dancing can also get people out of their comfort zone and helps them gain confidence.

Let’s be honest, dancing can feel a bit whacky. Compared to most other everyday activities, it’s not really up there on the list of things we see that much. We are accustomed to seeing other people eating, talking on cellphones, texting and reading. It’s not as common to pass someone dancing. But dancing can be great practice for other activities in life that require some bravery to step into the unknown. Things like a job interview, a first date and public speaking. Dancing can help us be a bit more prepared for other life events where we want to step it up and give our best selves.

4. Dancing unlocks creativity and helps with self-expression .

Dancing is surely an art form. Humans have been dancing as a way to express themselves and their cultures since the beginning of time. Like a canvas, a person dancing is able to create whatever mood they want. Flailing arms, kicking feet, rolling shoulders and swerving hips are all in the mix. Dancing is also a way to show appreciation for good music by groovin’ right along to someone else’s great sonic creation. It’s the ultimate compliment to talented musicians.

5. Dancing is a great way to meet people.

While dancing alone is awesome, it can also be an excellent technique to help connect with new people. Other people will stop and watch, and eventually some will probably want to join in. Who knows what kind of love and adventure a few cool moves might lead to!

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