7. Udaipur is a center for the performing arts too

Since #Udaipur is a center for the performing, as well as visual, arts, I made a beeline for the Rajasthani #dancing, held nightly in the Taj courtyard, next to the amethyst-colored chairs of the reading room and bar, once the royal court's meeting room, where the King sat on a rounded mosaic rounded seat. 

Two women, clad in long glittery sequined costumes, bangles on their upper arms and percussive bells on their bare feet, danced with sinuous, graceful arm movements - first slow, then picking up tempo, then twirling like whirling dervishes - accompanied by a trio on drum, an accordion-like harmonium and a stringed instrument. and drum. 

One woman was so astonishingly limber, that during one backward bend, she managed to pick up rings on the floor with her eyelids.

Alluring as Udaipur is, I can't tarry here forever. 

My next stop, #Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, is famed as the #gem capital of #India, and also for hand-made textiles, blue-glazed pottery and enamel work. 

75Pink City76the soft

Painted pink in 1876 to honor the visit of the #British King, Edward VII since pink is the traditional color for hospitality, the story goes, Jaipur has been freshly repainted pink ever since.

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