Band leaders, singers and dancers challenge each other in Harlem dancehalls

The #swing craze was originally sparked during the #1920s’ Golden Age of Jazz when Black Americans stomped the night away in #NewYorkCity’s grand #Harlem #dancehalls like the Cotton Club, the Apollo Theatre and the Savoy Ballroom.

#Jazz giants Louis Armstrong, Count Basie and Duke Ellington entertained thousands with the danceable, syncopated rhythms of hot jazz.

Talented canaries like the legendary Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday supplied finger snappin', scattin' vocals.

All night #dance marathons where hoofers and horn players inspired and challenged one another soon led to the creation of swing's fundamental #dance, the Lindy Hop. It's a flurry of footwork, turns and flips.

#dancing #contest #history #singing #urban #culture 

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