I'm too sexy for my fur

I'm too sexy for my fur

Author Danceworld ?
Collection Biscuits & Catnip

Maybe you've heard of the blog delighting viewers who check for their daily dose of sexy, hot men reading, all over the world? It's called Des Hommes et des Chatons23Men and Cats24

Now's your chance pet lovers, and catlovers in particular, to catch a catnip scented visual treat -- sexy male models juxtaposed with their kitty cat doppelgängers doing a similar pose...you be the judge. 

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138Come Back To Bed

We were introduced to this lovely collection byMyModernMet.com, and we immediately fell in love (er, lust)!

These selected excerpts are from the first article MyModernMet.com ran nearly two years ago, and they run true to form. Cats and men, still a winner years later. Still something we all want to see...drool over...use as wallpaper, desktop background...um, stuff like that.

The artistry in the photography and the cleverness in the cat expressions, brings out both the warm fuzzies of a pet lover, an animal guardian, and ahem, a male appreciator...

And some are just tooooo full of sex appeal and fuzzy cuteness it makes you want to reach out and grab -- oops!

Think this is a blog you'll check out? Let us know!

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