Dive between the continents, only in Iceland! ??

As anyone who's married and also has kids knows, doing things where it's just the two of you once in awhile is the key to a happy, thriving family dynamic. Then you come home relaxed, unified, and ready to dive back into happy family life.

Sometimes, if you're lucky, that involves winging off to Iceland with your lovely partner and scuba diving between the continents! (You know, NBD. ?)

Destin from one of our favorite YouTube shows Smarter Every Day recently went to Silfra, Iceland with his wife to experience what it's like to hang out underwater between tectonic plates. 

If you've only gone scuba diving in warmer water, you've probably only ever heard of wetsuits. In this video, Destin helpfully gets you acquainted with drysuits, necessary for cold-water conditions under which humans would gleefully experience hypothermia otherwise.

Go, watch, and plan your next just-the-two-of-us trip! Pick up some science while you're at it!

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